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James Jay Ellis




Jay Directs Marissa as Carmen

Sleepless on sunset

Lovely Latina, Carmen Rodriguez, thinks she has it all, but Sunset Boulevard has other plans for her. Now she learns who her real friends are and those who would try to steal all her dreams.

Jay Shooting Tracy in Italy

Tracy Prowler

Tracy faces the most powerful forces on the planet. She fights a fierce campaign to also find her disappeared parents.... Traveling the world to protect women, children and indigenous peoples.

Hunter Interviews Ana in Burbank

The one thing show

Our guests tell us their dreams to make a brighter life. We hear their stories and learn a deeper truth about the dreams that tie all of us together. And sometimes their dreams come true.

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We are developing new projects of our own while also helping our clients succeed.

This means always improving our skills, and staying abreast of new equipment, while we innovate our own custom equipment.